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3 Basic Car Maintenance Tips


Having a car of your own is probably one of the most convenient things imaginable, especially in this increasingly hectic world. It helps you get around faster, getting you where you need to go as fast as possible. However, it is of crucial importance for all car owners to know that having a vehicle of your own also comes with its own set of responsibilities.

Performing regular car maintenance is crucial to ensuring that your vehicle is able to perform in optimal capacity. The following are some basic car maintenance tips that all car owners need to know. These tips go a long way in terms of making sure that your car is safe and road worthy.

Perform Regular Car Tune-Ups

Car owners should have their vehicles tuned-up no less than once a month. You have the choice of doing it yourself or having it done at the maintenance garage. This not only ensures that your car performs at optimal efficiency, but it also goes a long way in saving you money. This is because poorly tuned-up cars consume at least 30 percent more gasoline

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Top 10 Car Maintenance Tips That Save You Money


I own a car. I guess you own a car too. Millions of people all over the world own and drive cars. Some cars are sleek, beautiful and expensive. Some are beat-up, ugly and cheap but they all take us from one place to another. Since they are utility assets and very handy to us in the performance of our daily chores, it is imperative that our cars are kept in a good state of repairs and maintenance at all times. Many of us earn limited incomes. That is why we usually have very tight monetary budgets to guide us to spend our earnings from month to month. When it comes to money, a saving here and there is usually beneficial and available for diversion to an area where there is a shortfall. That is how millions of people all over the world live their daily lives. Taking very simple steps to look after your car helps you to save plenty of money some of which may appear insignificant at first glance. A cumulative annual estimate of these savings usually amazes many people because it becomes substantial at

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Motorcycle Maintenance and Safety Tips


Every little part has its purpose. Just like the human body, machines should also be well maintained in order for them to function properly. If you want your motorcycle to perform at its best, you should know how to maintain and care for it. Motorcycle maintenance is not only essential, but a crucial part of motorcycle ownership. It should be taken seriously and it involves and requires effort from motorcycle owners. Maintenance will save you money and time replacing parts that may not have needed to have been replaced if properly cared for.

Motorcycle maintenance entails knowing how to manage and preserve your motorcycle’s efficiency. To do this, first, you must learn how to keep your motorcycle clean. You must remember to wash your motorcycle at least twice a year, depending on its condition. To maintain a motorcycle, it is not enough that you wipe the parts that are dusty or muddy. Like humans, it also needs to be bathed to be able to work effectively and look pristine. As a motorcycle owner, to have a clean and spotless motorcycle is not all for show. After all,

The Differences Between Truck Maintenance and Car Maintenance

Maintenance services are intended to keep a vehicle’s motor in optimal condition, and prevent future costly breakdowns and repairs. They are quite necessary, whether you have a car or a truck. If you are new to owning both a car and a truck, you will start to notice a slight difference in their maintenance needs. A truck’s maintenance schedule and requirements differ from that of a standard two or four-door vehicle. But overall, both types of vehicles require pretty much the same services.

The owners’ manual gives detailed instructions regarding your make and model’s factory scheduled maintenance needs and agenda. If you do not have this manual for your vehicle, you can most likely download a copy online, or consult an auto mechanic for professional advice. Continue reading to learn the principle differences between car and truck maintenance.

Truck Maintenance

All motor vehicles, truck, car, or SUV, requires a certain level and array of fluids to operate effectively and safely. These fluids include motor oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, coolant, windshield wiper solution, power steering fluid, and battery fluid. But cars and trucks are used for different purposes, and they drive differently.

A car

New Year s Car Maintenance Resolutions

Each season of the year can be hard on a car, especially winter time. When there is snow and ice on the ground causing it to get muddy, debris gets stuck in the engine of your car and can cause larger problems. Road salt placed over bad roads also gets inside the exterior of your car, making different parts rust and fail quicker. Getting the under part of your vehicle cleaned frequently can save you a lot of trouble.

Check and Maintain Your Car’s Fluids

Every vehicle comes with a driving maintenance schedule that you need to keep up on to extend the life of your car. Depending on how you drive and where you drive, the schedule may vary. Most factory recommended maintenance is specific to checking, filling, and changing fluids. Timing may vary based off your particular vehicle make and model.

One of the most important fluids to check and keep up on is the motor oil. Be aware of when it is getting low and what color it should be when checking it. If it’s time to get an oil change, go to your local car maintenance auto shop. Typically, they will

Car Maintenance A Must in Economic Recession

Rising economic gloom in every industry has made a great impact on the consumers pocket.

Talking about auto industry – ‘buying of a new car’ today has become a dream that would take some time before it comes true. In such a deploring situation, it is better to keep your old car function smoothly. And its true that if you take proper care of your old car, it will deliver more than the desired output. Few important car care tips that would surely take your car in the long run. Just note down these maintenance tips for old car.

Car Maintenance

Most Important – Avoid Rash Driving – Love your vehicle as you love the sophisticated & antique showpieces of your living area. If you drive carefully, you have fair chance of saving your car from any kind of breakdowns.

Go for Routine Maintenance – Its better to spend few dollars every fortnight than to waste thousands of dollars on complete car repair. A closer look at automotive parts and keeping eyes & ears open will help you identify any upcoming problems

Interior As Well As Exterior Maintenance – One always thinks that

Car Servicing Best Car Maintenance

Men treat their cars as precious as their girl friends. They do a lot of upgrades and accessories just to make it look good. They do everything to enhance the beauty of their cars. Mostly they upgrade the engine into car racing type. Add accessories like bumper, skirts, tented windows, turbo engines, mags, wheels, and a lot more. They spend money for its body beauty but also you need to consider the maintenance of its engine.

Car Servicing is one of the effective ways of maintaining the quality of your car. Autos need to undergo into regular check up to avoid any repairs. With proper car maintenance it will last for several years and you’ll be able to use it when needed. When you buy a brand new car, most car companies have car servicing offers included to the car warranty. You need to follow the car servicing maintenance being schedule according to its miles. Auto owners must follow the advice of the car companies because they know better. If it is your first time to own a car, you must ask your friends or people whose expert in car maintenance like the car mechanic. You should

6 Simple Car Maintenance Tips That Will Help Your Car Last Longer

Cars are not designed to run indefinitely without periodic car maintenance. If you wait until problems occur, you’ll probably end up damaging your car and paying a lot more than if you take care of your car on a regular basis. By doing these simple maintenance tasks, you can expect to get years of service out of your car.

1. Change the oil according to the manufacturer’s recommended car maintenance schedule. For most vehicles, this is every 3,750 miles or every three months, whichever comes first. Changing the oil ensures that your engine oil is clean and at the right levels, which helps the engine keep running smoothly.

2. Check the radiator to ensure it is full and have a professional check the level of anti-freeze in your cooling system. If it overheats, this can cause significant damage that you could have avoided with some basic cooling system maintenance.

3. Inspect your car on a regular basis, and take the time to learn what to look for. The gauges can clue you in that there’s a problem your mechanic should look at. Repairing a chipped window before it turns into a huge crack is a

The Best in Proper Car Maintenance

Car-proud individuals leave no stone unturned so that their cars are always turned out in their Sunday finery. Thus they have trendy stick-ons, upholstery matching the dashboard and carpets where the feet sink. But car maintenance is much more than having a gleaming façade. Car maintenance should be an all-encompassing routine covering both the exteriors and the interiors.

Car maintenance and repair should feature in the daily itinerary of every car owner. Tend to your car daily so that in the long run, you do not have to face major hold-ups or breakdowns. Car maintenance need not be drudgery or an expensive proposition, for there are numerous DIY car maintenance tips that can be practiced with ease and without having to tow your vehicle to the garage.

The one car maintenance tip that you should swear by is the regular checking of the tires. You should replace them immediately if you find any sort of cuts and protruding on them. Unevenly spaced out wears and tears suggest disproportionate tire balance. Rotate the tires every 7,500 miles and pump up the tires only up to the prescribed level.

One car maintenance tip to abide at all

Keeping Tabs on Your Car Maintenance

Car maintenance is not as technical as it may sound. The maintenance usually consists of procedures that assure cleanliness, monitoring or mechanical performance, and conditioning car parts into their optimum performance in a scheduled basis. If you are a first time car owner, you can ask your sales representative about the maintenance cycle of their product lines so you can also put it into consideration upon its purchase. A car is a liability because of the initial investment it requires but it can become an asset when it turns out to last longer than the manufacturers indicated. Expensive vintage cars are examples of proper maintenance and keeping that enabled their owners to enjoy a more valuable price tag on them compared to when they bought it.

Many local auto shops have lay-away plans that can help those car owners who cannot afford money pay out every time their vehicle goes into the shop. While some car distributors have bundled car maintenance plan as a promotional campaign to attract car buyers. Some auto shops also happen to have special promos and payment plans that can save you from paying too much. There are many deals that you can

Do It Yourself Motorcycle Maintenance

If you own a motorbike there are some things that you absolutely should know about do it yourself maintenance. Motorcycles like cars require maintenance to keep them purring. A lot of novice motorcycle owners don’t take maintenance into consideration when they should.

There are certain things that have to be done to your motorbike every 100 miles or so, or after it has been stored for awhile. Learning to do it yourself will save you a bagful of money. Besides part of owning a motorcycle is getting your hands dirty.

Gears, Chains and Lube

If you have a chain driven motorbike than you need to check that chain regularly and slap some grease (chain lube) on it to keep it humming. Chains stretch and wear, it is far better to maintain your chain from the start than risk the potential of blowing out your chain riding down the road.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, this holds true when it comes to your motorcycle. When you are looking over your chain for any wear or stretch you should also be taking a peek at your gears to make sure your

Honda Motorcycle Maintenance

Nothing could ruin your day more when you’re driving in the countryside and then in the middle of nowhere, your Honda CBR motorcycle breaks down. All that because you never checked anything before you went out thinking, “I’ve checked that yesterday so there shouldn’t be any problem.”

It’s important to check your motorcycle before you go for a ride. Maybe it would be too much for you to do it everyday but you have to do it at least before you go out especially for a very long ride. This ride can’t just be hauled and you’ll be spending hundreds of dollars because you missed one thing that led to another problem. So here are some of the things that you should check before going out, full throttle.

Tires – the most important of them all. Check the tires of your Honda motorcycle and make sure they are inflated properly. Under-inflated tires will take in heat faster than regular tires. With too much heat, the tire will blow up unexpectedly, and you’ll be lucky if you don’t have an accident because of blown tires. To make sure you have the digits correct, purchase a portable gauge

The Best Motorcycle Maintenance Tips

A motorcycle maintained in top form is always a safe one to ride on. Following a set of rules when it comes to the maintenance of motorcycles will help in keeping the vehicle in top form. This will in turn aid in the smooth functioning of the motorcycle making it safe to ride.

Keeping the bike clean and rust free is the most important rule. This is the first step of maintaining the bike. On cleaning a bike you would be paying a lot of attention to the various parts and would easily be able to identify a faulty part. This will help in replacement which improves the ride.

Cleaning of the motorbike can either be done with or without water. When using water it is always wise to use plain water and a soft cloth. One can use a little bit of mild detergent but care must be taken to avoid overuse of soap. This detergent has to be dissolved completely in a bucket of water. It is absolutely not recommended to spray water with pressure because then the water might get into some of the sensitive electrical parts and ruin it. Particular care is

7 Life Lessons From Motorcycle Maintenance

Caring for your motorcycle demonstrates respect for what it is. Although it’s easy to become complacent and take its performance and reliability for granted, doing so puts your safety and wellbeing at risk.

While many people cringe at the thought of picking up a tool, learning a few basics exposes how simple maintenance can be. Beyond the mechanical education, the insights you discover about yourself change your perspective on your own power.

7 life lessons from motorcycle maintenance

  1. Value yourself. Caring for yourself respects and acknowledges who you are. Yet sometimes you overlook your self in your quest to serve others. What you do for your motorcycle you must do for yourself. If you don’t value yourself, how can others value you?

  1. Take action. Look at the owner’s manual for as long as you want but until you put tool to part, nothing gets done. All you ever have to do is take one step at a time. It doesn’t need to be a big step, just keep putting one foot in front of the other.

  1. Simplify. The fewer the gizmos and gadgets, the less the complexity, the easier

Do s And Don ts of Motorcycle Maintenance Best Maintenance Tips

A safe motorcycle is a well-maintained motorcycle. But there are Do’s and Don’ts one has to keep in mind while maintaining a motorcycle that can keep your bike in top shape and prepare you for a safer ride.

Cleaning a motorcycle is the first step towards maintaining a motorcycle. While cleaning the bike one usually gets to take a look at the various parts of the machine in great detail which is very helpful in the inspection and maintenance of the bike.

But one has to take care of certain things while cleaning the motorcycle. One can opt for cleaning the bike without water. Even if one has to use water, it is always better to use plain water and a cloth. A mild detergent diluted in a bucket of water if used carefully will also not do much harm. But great care should always be taken to avoid spraying water under pressure. This may lead to water getting into sensitive electrical and electronic components and devices. One should never direct a stream of water toward the air filter area.

If detergent water is used to clean, one has to avoid it dissolving the chain

Motorcycle Maintenance Tips Oil

Do just about anything to your motorcycle, but forget the most basic and fundamental additive – Oil – and your wallet could be hanging loose for a long time.

How often you change the oil, the level you fill it up to and the kind of oil you use all make the difference between a bike that lasts and a bike that doesn’t!

These are a few of the most basic tips when it comes to oil and motorcycles…

When do you change your bike’s oil?

Over time and with prolonged use the integrity of the oil breaks down. Varies forces at work within the engine actually tear away at the very molecules of the oil, so the old oil must be periodically replaced every 2-3 thousand kilometres.

Smaller motorcycles run hotter than bigger bikes, so their oil needs to be replaced more frequently.

Motorcycle Maintenance Tips for Changing Oil:

· It’s best to drain the oil when the bike is properly warmed up, this thins the oil and makes it drain out faster.

· Remember to park the bike on it’s centre stand on level ground.

· Oil

Monthly Motorcycle Maintenance Tips For Better Performance

If you are the owner of a motorcycle, then you are already aware just like anything else, you will need to place good care for the bike to keep it running well so you can continue enjoying the kind of ride that you can only get from this kind of vehicle. Here are some monthly motorcycle maintenance tips to keep your bike operating smoothly.

First thing you should consider is to make up a check list so to stay on top of things, regarding the safety and performance. Be sure to take your bike to a service station or center, each time that you go over 5,000 kilometers. It could become a little costly, bit it can sure save you problems in the future that could be more costly.

Always be sure to check on the oil of your bike each time you fill up with gasoline. Make sure that there is no foreign objects in the storage compartment while checking the level of the bikes oil. It is recommended to avoid constant exposure to very hot and cold weather, as it can have a bad affect on the quality of the oil.

In many

Motorcycle Maintenance One of the Smartest Things You Can Ever Do

The motorcycle is a marvel of modern engineering, it is an efficient machine that delivers great performance. Learning how to ride it is easy as pie, but like all engineering marvels you also have to learn how to take good care of it. Good maintenance is a responsibility of everyone who owns a motorbike. It is part of good ownership and key to keeping your limbs attached to your body.

Maintaining a motorcycle is easy and not as expensive as car maintenance. Taking good care of your motorbike will make it last longer. It saves you more time and money in the future by avoiding getting bent over by your local mechanic on more complicated and expensive repairs. Most importantly, it also minimizes the chances of an accident that may lead to serious injuries or fatal consequences. Needless to say, it is your duty to make sure your machine is safe for you and everyone else on the road.

Motorcycle parts are subject to wear and tear from regular use. Worn out parts do not work properly and causes trouble for other components of the motorbike. Avoid further damage to your machine by ensuring things are

Easy Motorcycle Maintenance

Motorcycles are the modern equivalent of a romantic black steed. They suggest freedom, rebellion and, more importantly, less money spent on petrol. But the effort you put into your bike doesn’t stop at saving up for your shiny metal dream; motorbike safety relies on the art of motorcycle maintenance. If you maintain your bike you’ll also cut costs by avoiding major breakdowns. Follow this essential guide to motorcycle maintenance to see how it’s done.


According the AA, most motorcycle breakdowns are caused by tyre blow outs or damage. So, always keep your tyres fully inflated: it seems simple, but it’s also central to bike maintenance. If tyres are somewhat deflated, they will generate more heat, which can be damaging. Check your tyres daily and if your tyres need replacing, don’t delay.


The process of checking your oil varies according to the bike model, so your first port of call in this respect is your manufacturer’s handbook. You need to maintain a happy medium with your oil levels. Even overfilling your crankcase can have unfortunate results – causing your air filler to be flooded by oil. As a ballpark figure, oil should be

Six Essential Motorcycle Maintenance Tips

It cannot be denied that recently motorcycles have gained much popularity. Unlike other modes of transportation, motorcycles are cheaper and more convenient to use. But just like any other motor vehicle, to own and drive a motorbike requires caution and mindfulness on the road; safety should always be your number one priority. However, to achieve this, you will need to learn how to maintain and preserve your own bike’s engine. Well-maintained bikes give you the assurance that your engine will work at its best. It is not true that motorcycles require less maintenance than cars. It is a huge advantage for every motorcyclist to know practical ways on how to maintain and keep your bikes efficiently running.

Motorcycle maintenance is not all about enhancing your engine’s performance. The following are a few tips on how you can achieve your goal of a perfectly-running motorcycle.

First: Remember to have your bike checked regularly by a certified mechanic. The owner of a well-maintained motorcycle knows how to observe motorcycle parts. A regular check-up on all the essential parts and supplies like brakes, tires, oil, batteries, chains, and even fuel should be a necessity.

Second: Love your tires.